Maycomb – Monroeville: Harper Lees Paradigm

In the light of Harper Lee’s 1960 novel and the soon to be released new book (gasp – another cultural icon breaking the mould) by the author here is an interesting article…


The joys of finding what I think will be a good ePub file generator

First; apologies for the hefty title to this post. Couldn’t think of anything catchy that accomplished what I wanted the heading to accomplish. And , ahead of time, I’ll apologise yet again for what will seem like an ad’, but HelpNDoc is an efficient and free (with banners) e pub file generating program. And, after using it for a few hours, I shall sing its praises as relatively intuitive and good visually… Note that you can remove banners and do more with a purchase of either the standard or professional version of the software.

THis what you may see on the HelpNDoc site.What I’ve found useful is the capacity to copy Word (C) documents across with images in situ; no need to upload separate image files and insert and align, as with a lot of other things I have tried.

I am in the process of converting my collection of short stories and teaching learning activities in hiSTORY 1 and hiSTORY 2 to ePub format using HelpNDoc. Relatively painless… May pop them onto iBooks shortly. I’ve also figured I should create a focused history writing blog; here it is:

So here is the link ~

Teaching a unit with historical fiction

Hatshepsut chapel image.

Ancient Egypt tells a tale

Above is a link to a little unit of work I created to teach ancient history using historical narrative; specifically a short story called Little Hatshepsut. The story is available, along with 32 other stories (and brief historical notes on each story) via Amazon in the book hiSTORY, by Stephen Kimber. You might also like to visit the site:

Please note that the unit on teaching ancient history (specifically history related to ancient Egypt) is slowly unfolding on my other blog:  This act of unfolding may of course be a little different to what is on the creatavist site.