Contempt for politicians

Came across this passage in a  novel by Donna Leon entitled The jewels of paradise  and was struck by it; I fear it accords with an almost universal (and timeless – didn’t Plato rail at politicians in his Republic and cry out for the philosopher king) feeling about those who become politicians.

Here it is:

Political eternality
Only death swept away the men…




Just a wee bit on the Olympics juggernaut

Some random thoughts from my Facebook page

I’m finding (re the Holympics) the unashamed jingoism & nationalistic prattle, the reporting on tedious trivia, and various rejoicing over conspicuous consumption (the US basketball team ensconced on a luxury liner comes to mind) more than a little irritating. .. whatever happened to sport for sport’s sake? Suspect I have become a grumpy old man.

and later…

Just wondering if, among all the questions re Australian swimming vs the US & why we are not so good if anyone in the media has considered the simple dynamic of population size. 322 million vs about 25 million gives the US – all other things being equal – 14 times more likelihood of producing a high calibre swimmer or runner or megalomaniacal politician. Even allowing for inequalities that still gives one side of the equation some advantage, surely.

and this..